Film Credits:
"God, I Am Free" (Yarylo Production, 2023)
"Elevation" (Ukrainian State Film Agency/Paradox Films, 2023)
"Bon Appétit" (SkyDiveFilm Production, 2022)
"Siori" (Out of Context Production, 2021)
"Veik" (Out of Context Production, 2021)
"Journey in the Void" (Zhar Production, 2020)
"The Cage for Two" (For-Post Production/Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, 2019)
"Mission B.U.T.T." (Star Media Production/Campot Production, 2019)
"Der Turm des Schweigens" (1925), (Dovzhenko Centre, 2018)
"Into the Sunset" (Zhar Production, 2017)
"Pretty Ballerina" (Ukrainian State Film Agency/MiroGraph Production 2017)
"Voyage" (InsightMedia Producing Center, 2016)
"Ukrainian symbols: Anthem" (InsightMedia Producing Center, 2016)
"Ukrainian symbols: Flag" (InsightMedia Producing Center, 2016)
"Ukrainian symbols: Emblem" (InsightMedia Producing Center, 2016)
"Happy New Year!" (HovraH animation, 2015)
"Life is a chellenge" (HovraH animation, 2015)
“The Living Truth” (Totem Film Studio, 2012)  

Orchestral Music:
"The Little Bachiana" for cello, strings and harpsichord (2023)
"Nocturne" for saxophone, piano and strings (2022)
Concertino for soprano saxophone, piano and string orchestra (2021)
"La Suite Cinematographique" symphonic suite (2021) 
"Paper Birds" symphonic suite (2016-2019) 
"Minnewater's Legend"  symphonic poem (2015) 
"Sunrises in France" transcription for violin and strings (2015) 
"Strong and Courageous" for symphonic orchestra (2014 - 2015) 
"Concerto Grosso" for violin, clarinet, harpsichord, organ and strings (2014) 
“When Spring Will Come” for orchestra (2014) 
“Winter Dreams” for flute, clarinet, piano and orchestra (2013-2014) 
“Adagio” for clarinet, piano and string orchestra (2013) 
“Poem” for harpsichord and orchestra (2013) 
“Premonition of the Spring” for flute and string orchestra (2011) 
“Esprit de mer du Nord” for clarinet, piano and chamber orchestra (2010) 
“Auf dem Spitze der Einsamkeit” for violin, clarinet, piano and orchestra (2009)

Chamber Music:
“Melodies from Winter Forests” for clarinet solo (2024) 
“Kolomyiky” for saxophone quartet (2024)
Elegy for violin, saxophone and piano (2023), commissioned by A-Trio (Cologne, Germany)
Sonata for violin and piano (2020-2021)
"Daunen und Firn", for piano solo (2020)
Sonatine for alto saxophone and piano (2020), commissioned by RD duo (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Prelude and Postlude, for harpsichord (2018-2020)
"Ukrainian Diptych", for violin and piano (2016)
"Reflexion", for harpsichord and accordion (2016) 
"Postludium", for piano in 4 hands (2015) 
Quintet for piano, 2 violins, viola and cello (2013-2014) 
“Time out”, for kankles, birbyne and accordion (2013) 
“The Aquarelles of Petersburg”, suite for piano (2013) 
“Sunrises of France”, suite for 2 violins and clarinet (2013) 
3 preludes for organ (2013) 
“Les trois muses”, 3 pieces for harpsichord (2012-2013) 
“Intrada and Meditations” for clarinet and organ (2012) 
Sonata for flute and piano (2012) 
“Les Grandes Eaux”, for trumpet and organ (2012) 
“Lvivian Sketches”, suite for cello and organ (2012) 
“The Cold Landscapes”, for violin and piano (2011) 
Suite in baroque style for clarinet and harpsichord (2010)

Choral Pieces:
"Angel cries" (2015)
“The Prayer”, words by T. Schevchenko  (2014)
“Lord’s Prayer” (2012)
“Grave in the Field” adaptation of Ukrainian folk song (2010)

Electroacoustic Works:
"In the Cradle of Evening Sun", for guzheng and electronics (2015)
"Fresco", electroacoustic composition (2014)
"Chateau de glace", for violin and electronics (2014)

Published Scores:
Sergii Leontiev. Sonatina na saksofon altowy i fortepian. Lisowice, Ars Musica. 2022. 
ISMN 979-0-801586-18-6
Sergii Leontiev. "Paper Birds". A Symphonic Suite  (Full Score).  Kyiv, Muzyczna Ukraina. 2019.
ISMN 979-0-707527-83-2

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